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Check out the following articles that Max and I found over the past week and thought we should share with you:

Gary Taubes puts out a great article in the New York Times about the recent “a calorie is a calorie” study. Check it out.
In another great New York Times article, Winnie Hu writes about adult playgrounds and how play can affect your health.Paleo For Women is a great source for any woman who is interested in living a healthy lifestyle. Stefani Ruper, founder of, recently guest-posted on about body image for women and for men. It is a really relevant article for all college and high schol aged students. Here it is.

The Huffington Post published an article involving the ongoing controversy with the Kosher hot-dog industry. Check out what both sides are saying here.

Looks like our government is adding yet more subsidize on the food that is killing us. Last weeks farm bill, presented by The House Agriculture Committee, looks to have some pretty big environmental effects. Although, the bill does also give a lot of money to food stamps.

One of the biggest problems with our health system today is our school cafeteria food. This article is a great example of how poor our school lunch system really is. Makes you wonder what a similar inside look at college cafeterias food might look like.

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