5 Reasons To Get Healthy Before School Starts

Classes will be starting in just a few more weeks and you are not ready. I know your not ready. No one is ready. How can they expect us to be fully packed, have all our books, have our new lamp and rug all bought and be mentally prepared to start classes? With all of the organizing, packing and purchasing that is going on, you may think there is just not enough time to get yourself healthy, it’s just not worth the effort, you may say. Don’t worry, Caveman College is here to get you motivated and healthy.  Here are five reasons why you need to get your body and mind healthy before the school year:

  1. No one is going to do it for you. No matter how many times you wish upon a star, you are not going to magically get fit. Paying thousands of dollars to find some big shot nutritionist or a big shot weight plan is out the door (you’re a college student, come on!). Sitting back, eating whatever you want, being sedentary, skipping every workout will not get you into great shape. You can keep making excuses for yourself, but you will not be fit. If you want a hot new body to go to school with, that’s fine. If you’re trying to get in control of you’re health, great. If you want to save the earth one bite at a time, awesome. Whatever the reason, you need to start doing this to yourself, for yourself.
  2. Time is of the essence. I won’t lie to you; starting the Paleo diet in college will be difficult. It is never easy to make such a drastic lifestyle change. We can help, but in the end, you will have to do most of it yourself. If you can start getting healthy now, you will learn and understand yourself that much better come the school year. There are several habits and tactics that you pick up once you start your lifestyle change. You will find out your tolerance to lactose, how much protein and carbs your body needs, how dark you like your chocolate, your favorite go-to primal snack, etc. These are all essential in becoming healthy and are very difficult to execute once classes get going.
  3. You want to impress your classmates. Let’s be honest, you’re probably a bit body-conscious. Everyone is and that’s okay. You just don’t want to go overboard. When you change to a healthier, Paleo lifestyle, you will lose weight, burn body fat and you will look good. I’m not saying you are going to drop 100 pounds in a month, but you will look healthier. When you eat a high omega 6 (pro-inflammatory), sugar and anti-nutrient diet (from grains and beans), your body naturally retains more water than it needs to. That water is there as a reaction to the inflammation. This water can be anywhere from 10 to 20 pounds. Usually, this inflammation is in the face, neck and cheeks. Eating a diet lower in sugars, grains and more balanced in Omega 6:3 ratio will almost instantly drop weight. This will have your classmates drooling over your new, sexy body and asking you how you did it.
  4. College is a bad place to get sick. It is very easy to slack off and get sick while in college. However, on the Paleo diet, you will become a nutrient dense, disease fighting machine. Getting adequate sleep, proper nutrition, and occasional all out exercise will keep you and your body healthy and happy. Trust me, you don’t want to be that girl or guy who get’s sick all the time. You will become depressed, stressed out and your grades will probably drop, not to mention you’ll start spending more time in your dorm room than you would like. The more nutrient dense your body becomes through eating vegetables, fruits, nuts and animal fats and proteins, the less likely you will be to get sick.
  5. Your social life will be easier. When you feed your brain properly, it will be happy. When your brain is happy, classes and social situations will be that much easier. Research has shown that eating more nutrient dense foods like vegetables, fruits, and meats, can improve depression symptoms in teens (we will go into more detail on this in a later post). College is a time where you are going to run into some stress. There are two ways you can deal with that stress. One is to understand it, acknowledge it, and deal with it. The second is to get stuck on it and allow it to negatively effect you and everyone around you. If you want the outcome to be positive like the former, you should start making your brain happy today!

Any other reasons you can think of? Leave a comment below!

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Max is a passionate pursuer of integrative health. He has been drafted by a professional baseball team, worked in publishing scientific laboratories and spoken to groups of students on health and well-being. He is currently a biology major and philosophy minor at Denison University. Max spends his time reading, weightlifting, traveling and learning. Email Max at mungar810@gmail.com.

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  1. Ryan
    Ryan August 6, 2012 at 9:27 am | | Reply

    Excellent, motivating post. I found the information behind water retention due to inflammation very interesting as well, that’s a part many paleo bloggers don’t typically include when talking about inflammation.


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