7 Great Mini-Fridge Additions

Dorm rooms and mini fridges go together like bacon and eggs. But what are you supposed to put in that thing anyways? The average college students are filling it up with gatorades, water bottles, beer, leftover pizza and who knows what else (I really don’t want to know). But you are not average! If you want to be a healthy, happy college kid, what on earth should you be putting in your mini fridge??

Here are the top 7 items that you need to have in your mini fridge:

  1. Cheese: 

    For those of us who have trouble digesting lactose in dairy, cheese can be a great occasional snack! During the fermentation processes that harder cheeses go through, much of the lactose in dairy is lost. Cheese also provides us with some great saturated fats to help our brains, cells and mood! I like to buy some of the mini cheese wheels as they seem to be the cheapest and best quality hard cheese out there.
  2. Leftovers:

    Whenever you get a chance to get away from your dining hall, you are probably going to take it. When you do go out to eat, try and bring back whatever you don’t finish. Chances are, you are going to get hungry in the middle of the day, and the dining hall won’t be open. Instead of caving in and ordering a pizza, just take out those delicious, primal leftovers that you have been saving from the weekend!
  3. Fresh Fruit/Veg

    They are staples of the paleo diet and you are not going to want to miss them in your mini-fridge. It may be tough for you to find a place on campus or in your dining hall to get some fresh fruit and veg, but don’t worry, I have some suggestions! Some dining halls offer fresh fruit like bananas, apples or oranges, so try and stock up on those as much as possible! Otherwise, going to your schools convenience shop will probably offer some fresh fruit in the form of baby carrots, apples, or even celery sticks. It’s not going to be much, but keeping some fruit or veggies in your room is going to be better than eating pretzel sticks, popcorn or chips.
  4. Seltzer

    Not everyone enjoys the bubbly texture that seltzer has to offer, but if you do, it is a great replacement for sodas in your room. I like to always keep a bottle or two in my fridge for when I need that bubbly pick me up (it also works wonders on soar throats, and upset stomachs).
  5. Fish Oil

    Fish oil’s healthiness is beginning to be debated more and more within the nutrition community. While it would be much preferred for you to be eating wild caught fish, it is not so easy if you are on a meal plan or strict budget. While we are always open to changing our views on certain foods, we haven’t seen super conclusive evidence that fish oil is going to hurt us just yet. If you aren’t so much into fish oil supplements, grab some sardines or canned salmon. Otherwise, keep a bottle of some high quality fish oil in your fridge (in order to avoid oxidation) and take some shots from it now and then.
  6. Almond butter

    One of my favorite snacks now a days is a banana covered with some almond butter and a little chocolate on the side. It makes for a filling, nutritious snack filled with proteins, carbs and good fats. However, use almond butter and other nut products sparingly as they do have some anti nutrient properties.
  7. Frozen fish

    This one might be a little out there for some of you, but hey, we always encourage trying new things! A lot of these mini-fridges come with a freezer compartment where you can probably store some frozen foods. If your residence halls allow microwaves (or you like to break rules), keeping some frozen fish in your freezer can make for a really nutritious, quick meal when you need it. Just be sure to buy good quality fish and not frozen Stouffers dinners.

 Now it’s your turn. What do you keep in your mini-fridge? What do you keep in your regular sized refrigerator? Join the conversation! Leave a comment below.

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Max is a passionate pursuer of integrative health. He has been drafted by a professional baseball team, worked in publishing scientific laboratories and spoken to groups of students on health and well-being. He is currently a biology major and philosophy minor at Denison University. Max spends his time reading, weightlifting, traveling and learning. Email Max at mungar810@gmail.com.

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  1. Ryan
    Ryan October 25, 2012 at 2:00 pm | | Reply

    We are highly restricted in our dorms here but as far as what I keep in the mini-fridge, my staples are coconut milk, almond butter, Kerry Gold Irish Butter (grass-fed, pastured, and cheap!) which I put in coffee and/or tea, jerky, and fish oil. Your seltzer idea is a good one, never thought of that.


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    would be okay. I’m definitely enjoying your blog and look forward to new posts.

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