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Could poop be the cure of the future? Chris Kresser thinks so.

A Little inspiration for your studying.

A lot of students struggle with depression while at school.  Whether its from home sickness, body image issues or some other reason, it happens to a lot of us. Most people don’t realize the physical tolls depression can have on the system. Mark Sisson explains.

A nice post on being eco friendly in college from our good friends over at

Now this would be an interesting adventure!

New research on coffee consumption suggests more might be better.

Music of the Week: A tribute to Dave Brubek

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Hello, my name is Max Ungar and I have been following a Paleolithic/Caveman style diet for about 3 years now and it has completely changed my life. Before I started the diet, I was around 225 at 6'0 and 16 years old. After a couple of months on the diet, I was down to 195 and after a few more months I was 6'2 195 lbs. Not to mention I felt better, and was performing better athletically. Having just been drafted by the Washington Nationals, I now attend Denison University where I am studying how to be awesome, as well as a health nut. I believe in healthy lifestyles, paleo eating, crossfit, happiness, living life one step at a time, family, expecting nothing, and experiencing everything. Hopefully this blog will help you delve into the life of a paleolithic diet and keep it through tough, busy times such as college, parenting, or just life. Email Max at

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