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movies and booksWe’ve done our research, read the books, watched the films, and now we have an honest review of each of the following books and movies. We will touch briefly on what we feel like these selections are must reads and the movies absolutely necessary for anyone interested in health and wellness. It’s nice to be able to read blogs with up to date information on what you should be eating and how you should be exercising, but to truly understand the paleo approach, you must read the books.



Who doesn’t like to read? Well, okay, maybe not everybody. But these three choices are definitely good ones and are especially applicable to people interested in achieving optimal health and wellness:

  • The Primal Blueprintprimal-blueprint-book

The basics. Mark Sisson details the “10 Primal Blueprint Laws” and introduces how to reprogram your genes to better fit how they were originally intended to be structured. He also introduces the new food pyramid which is extremely easy to follow and even talks about a character called Grok, representing our genetic ancestor and how he would act and live. A definite read to get the low-down on Primal living at its finest.

  • The Paleo Diet for Athletespaleo-diet-athletes

Although not written by Sisson, I like to think of this as an extension of “the basics.” I say that because if you are an extremely active athlete, you will find that if you want to optimize performance and energy levels, the very low carbohydrate, high fat model of nutrition that fits well with average individuals, does not align with the glycogen-dependent athlete who needs a higher level of dense carbohydrates to allow him to keep performing at top levels. This book describes, in detail, the method in which an intense athlete can go about being Primal. (Trust me, it’s possible, I’ve been using this 5 Stage system for a while)

  • Good Calories, Bad Caloriesgood calories bad calories

I’m not going to lie, this book is thick; it’s a big, bulky, densely packed with various scholarly references to past research, but it is well written. If you have several weeks (or months), give this a read. I recommend reserving plenty of time in your week to knock out some pages in this book, as it is a very long read, but well worth the knowledge you will gain.



So, you’re thinking, Well. . . I guess I could read those, I’ll do it . . . eventually. So for all of you not interested in reading about healthy eating and living. There are plenty of short films to watch that are extremely valuable in learning about health and wellness. There is a great site called Evolvify that published a long list of films available that support the Paleo system and can be found here. We came up with our favorite three and are as follows:

  • Sugar: The Bitter Truthsugar truth

This gets a little sciency at some points, but Dr. Lustig does a fantastic job of basically destroying sugar. Totally obliterating sugar (fructose, as you will see, is far more poisonous) and naming it one of the major players in the obesity epidemic in the United States today.

  • Fat Headfat head

This one’s kind of a neat, funny film meant to attack Super Size Me and the notion that saturated fat is making the nation fat and full of heart disease. Host Tom Naughton does a radical experiment on himself which looks into whether or not fat is the true culprit behind America’s new health problems. (His results are astonishing)

  • The Perfect Human Dietperfect human diet

I absolutely recommend this film to anyone, Primal or not. It is now on iTunes and is crucial to understanding human evolution with reference to the way we eat. There are also some great metaphors used in this film that can be used to teach others the evolutionary basis behind the Primal and Paleo lifestyles.

So what books have you read recently? What movies do you recommend reading? Comment below.

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