16 Ways To Think Like, Look Like and Be a Vibrant Person

A lot of people come up to me and ask me to help them with various health related issues. Whether its my roommates asking how to get rid of a cold, a member of my fitness club asking how she can lose 10 pounds or just a friend looking to eat a little healthier, I get A Lot of questions! And I love the questions! It means people respect what I have to say and think what I am doing can really help them out. However, I believe being a vibrant, healthy person is a WHOLE lot easier than some people make it out to be. To think like, look like and be a vibrant and healthy person takes just a few substantial tweaks in the way you think about and go through life.

1. Enjoy the crap out of everything you do

If you don’t enjoy it, drop it. It is amazing to me how many people are a part of something, or involved in something that they don’t enjoy doing. What is the point of that? Take pride in enjoying the things you do, and always search for better, newer, more awesome activities or hobbies to take up.

2. Find people who will challenge you, and people who are like you

I think it is really important to surround yourself with like minded people. It will bring out the best in you and always create productive and creative opportunities. Having said that, it might be even more important to be around people who are very different from you. Being around different people makes you a better communicator and forces you to learn more about yourself.

3. Appreciate others

Look at everyone you meet and find the good in them. Figure out their good qualities, good habits and appreciate them for it.

4. Do absurd things

This can be taken the wrong way, and it can be taken the right way. You could stand on a street corner with a “free hugs” sign, or you could go get drunk and try and break someone’s window. I suggest the former.

5. Sit by a river (Or listen to THIS)

A wise man once said that everything you need to know or figure out, you will be able to do just by sitting by a river. Whether it’s just hearing the trickling water pass on by, or seeing the river as a beautiful metaphor for life, sitting by a river can change people’s lives.

6. Move.

Get out there, get moving. The world is your gym.

7. Never do something because society is making you do it

Ok, maybe not never, but the point here is to be your own person. Just because all of your friends are going to go do a certain something, or be a certain something, doesn’t mean you should. Find what you like, and stick to it.

8. Become known by your friends as the healthy kid

This is something that takes time, but it can really be worth it. IF your friends think of you as the healthy kid, they will always flock to you when they too want to try and be healthier. This way, you can create a nice community or “tribe” of healthy, happy people!

9. Be lazier… but don’t let anyone know

One of the secrets of being a truly successful person is to look like you are doing way more than you might actually be doing. Hack into all your classes, find tricks and tips to speed up daily processes. Any way you can do less and get a bigger reward, take the opportunity.

10. Have awesome stuff

Slack-lines, balance boards, skate boards, etc. if you have awesome stuff, people are going to flock to you. Pick up a really cool hobby that anyone can do and have everyone try it!

11. Be radically honest 100% of the time

Telling the truth all the time can really change your outlook on life. The more you tell the truth, the better you will feel internally and the better your image will be to other people. Take a tip from Honest Abe here and just be honest.

12. Open yourself to new ideas and ways of thinking, even if you don’t agree with them

Don’t lock yourself down on one singular idea in any facet of life. If you ever want to do something or be something successful, you’ve got to listen to other people ideas.

13. Ask questions and be critical without judgement

While it’s good to open up to knew ideas (see number 12), you should also always ask questions! The really difficult is to be critical without being judgmental. Just because someones idea might be wrong, or incomplete, or in need of more work, doesn’t mean that that person is a bad person or a dumb person, it just means they needed you to show them your own ideas and hopefully help them out!

14. Understand that not everyone is on the same path as you are

This goes along with living without judgement. Just because you want to live your life a certain way (hopefully a happy, healthy way) doesn’t mean that someone living life a different way is wrong or bad, just different. Accept it, ask questions, and move on… don’t try and force your ideals on someone, you’ll most likely just piss them off.

15. Meditate

Meditate. Sit in silence and focus on your breathing for a while. It helps anyone and everyone.

16. Be helpful

Always be a helping hand. Whether it’s clearing the table after having a nice dinner, carrying someones bag for them, or even just helping someone with their class work.


To be a vibrant person, let’s face it, you have to think you are a vibrant person. In other words, it starts with you. Don’t wait for other people to justify your vibrance. Go out there and do it.


Questions? Comments? Concerns? How do you live a vibrant life? Leave a Comment!


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Max is a passionate pursuer of integrative health. He has been drafted by a professional baseball team, worked in publishing scientific laboratories and spoken to groups of students on health and well-being. He is currently a biology major and philosophy minor at Denison University. Max spends his time reading, weightlifting, traveling and learning. Email Max at mungar810@gmail.com.

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