The Easiest Way to Find An Unbelievable Summer Job

Summer JobThere is no question that one of the hardest things about the summer is finding a summer job or internship. In fact, that might be the only hard thing about the summer. I mean, beautiful sunny days, cool pool’s to take a dip in, great friends, and some really fun times. So, if there is one thing to strain yourself about over the summer, why not do it the right way? Why not find the perfect summer job?

What does a perfect Summer job look like?

I can only speak for myself here, but I want the work that I am doing to really mean something. Its hard for me to put a lot of time into something just to have it appear on a resume down the line. Along with having meaning, here are a few other traits I look for to find the perfect summer job:

  1. Chances to work outside. Remember, this is summer. No need to spend time inside when its 80 degrees and sunny outside.
  2. Caring, nice people RUNNING the business for the job I apply for. A tone is set from the top of the company that resonates throughout the workplace
  3. Opportunities to work with people. Its a skill that constantly needs to be practiced, summer is a great opportunity to do so.
  4. Low risk, high reward. Or, in other words, low stress, high pay. Stressing out all school year is enough, so try and find a job that you won’t be overwhelmed with. High pay is just a nice little bonus.

How am I supposed to find the perfect job?!?

Option #1

To be honest, I find that finding the perfect job has a lot to do with luck. However, there are ways to improve your luck. Start by searching on websites like,, or even just google.

Once you have exhausted yourself searching for jobs on those websites, its time to start the real search. Go to craigslist. That’s right, I know, I know, there are zombies and werewolves putting up adds on craigslist searching for innocent little you to chop up into pieces and throw off to the side of the road somewhere, but do it anyways. Seriously, you won’t regret it.

Option #2

k-bigpicCraigslist has some of the coolest, most interesting jobs that you will never find by searching on most job search engines. You can get hired for an internship with some of the largest companies in the world, or your local Mah and Pah convenience store, all from the same website. Craigslist is underestimated amongst our generation to say the least.

Option #3

Don’t count out starting your own entrepreneurial project over the summer. It can be something as simple as dog walking, or something as complex as a summer camp for kids. This can be fun, exciting and can give you a lot of opportunity for creativity. Not to mention, if the project works out, you might have yourself a legitimate job when you get out of college.

Option #4

My mom probably won’t like this, but it might not be a bad idea to not get a job at all. Summer is a great time to relax and recover from what can be a very stressful school year. You might just need some time off, and that is okay, in fact, it might be a really good thing. Go travel somewhere, take a roadtrip, or do some experiential learning! The only real reason to get a job for the summer is to have some money in your pocket for the school year, so if it’s an option it might be better for you not to work.

Option #5

Start thinking like a hunter gatherer. Stalk your prey by going out into your town and observing the local businesses. Attack the hunt by stepping in to the shop, market, or other business and make the initial contact. Ask if there are any open positions available for the summer. Chances are, there will be a decent job with a decent pay, and really good hours that you can take.

The most important thing to remember when searching for an unbelievable summer is not to settle for a crappy job. What’s the point of that? Chances are, using one of the 5 options listed above you can find, not only a job, but one of the best summers of your life!

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