15 Things You’re Good At (And Didn’t Even Know It)

You probably clicked on this link because you love being told what you are good at. That’s some great psychological advertising by us. But, at the same time, maybe enjoying listening to others tell you what you are good at is a specific human trait. Maybe it is something that we have evolved to enjoy through hardship, war, battle and hatred. Sometimes, we just enjoy hearing some positives! So, that is what this list is. It is a list of human traits. Basic, human skills, that don’t need fancy equipment, technology, or the internet for us to express. These are the things that you were born good at, the things that make us innately human.


1. Picking Things up and putting them down-

You are probably the best picker up and putter down on planet earth. Opposable thumbs make this easy.

2. Running-

Strip off all the running shoes, and giant heel inserts, and you have a perfectly sculpted running body. It’s no wonder ultra-marathon runners are able to go 100+miles.

3. Squatting-

Ever seen a baby squat? It’s pretty impressive if you are a fitness geek like me. Sitting in chairs, and standing with bad posture can ruin this great ability.

4. Finding Delicious Things to Eat-

There is a reason why you crave those delicious, sweet desserts.

5. Caring for Others-

Don’t discount this trait. Most living creatures on earth don’t even mourn their dead.

6. Digesting Food-

We have adapted to be able to digest most things fairly well. While not perfect, your digestion can do a lot more than you might think.

7. Learning-

Perhaps the most important trait that has made you the person you are today.

8. Communicating-

The most amazing part about our communication is the number of different forms we can communicate in: verbal, textual, physical, even telepathy.

9. Reproducing-

The human population is growing for some reason.

10. Adapting-

What is really crazy is how many different parts of the planet we live in compared to other species.

11. Thinking Critically-

Being able to analyze situations in their entirety and come up with quick responses has kept humans alive for centuries.

12. Moving-

Your body wants to move, it wants to stretch and lift and roll and crawl. All you need to do, is let it.

13. Focusing-

Being able to focus all our energy on one task is a really great trait that you possess. It is a great way to forget about all the little stressors in your life and just focus on one thing.

14. Loving-

We all love something. Your partner, your friend, your dog, yourself. You are great at loving.

15. Having Fun-

We have so many opportunities out there for us, especially as college students, or even just being a human. Go out there and take advantage of them, and have some fun doing it.


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