Josh Singer

As a recent recent high school graduate, I've seen a lot of kids struggling with health and fitness over my years in school. I went Primal when my physical trainer helped me really focus on my physical well-being in training for my baseball career. I credit a large percentage of my health and well being on and off the baseball field to my Primal lifestyle.

An idea came to the my mind to create a website where kids going into college could find great information on health and nutrition as well as functional fitness. I am extremely excited to be able to write about health in the college world, as a lot of times kids forget how to eat healthy when they go off to the college world.

While we saw this as an opportunity to reach out to the college world, we also wanted this site to be a resource for people of all ages struggling with their health as a place for them to go and find great resources and information.

Feel free to email me or Max at with any questions you may have.

Primal Israeli Salad

Straight from the middle-east, the za’atar spice really puts this salad through the roof. If pepper took steroids, za’atar is what the result would be. This is a relatively easy salad to whip up if you’re in a really in a hurry (only 3 main ingredients!) Enjoy. Ingredients: 2 medium size cucumbers roughly chopped 2 […]

Challenge #1

Hello everyone in the blogosphere! My name is Josh Singer and yes, while sometimes we will just toss up some primal bullshit for you as Max mentioned, we’re just two pre-college kids making a blog and seeing what happens. At this point, the direction of this blog is unclear, but what we both agree on […]