What is the Paleo/Primal Diet? Part 2: Legumes, or beans, or stink bombs

Alright! We are chugging along here at the caveman college and have actually been making some really great progress in terms of changing the way people think about their eating habits! Before we start this post, I want to give a shout out to Daniel for “taking the paleo plunge” hopefully, we will get him […]

Our Goals for this Site

What are we trying to accomplish here? Why did we bother creating a website, giving it this silly name, and write things about healthy eating and living in today’s world? For starters, Max and I are no experts; if you didn’t catch on from the name of the site, we’re just two college students with […]

Mmm.. your kitchen will smell wonderful.

Wild Caught Salmon with Garlic, Tomatoes, & Carrots

If you love fish, this is a recipe for you. BUT, the fish isn’t the main player here. The fatty-goodness of the duck fat accents the tomatoes and gives this whole dish a “wow factor” that’s unbelievable until you taste it yourself. I’m going to start using duck fat more often!   Ingredients: 1 tbsp […]

What is the Paleo/Primal Diet? Part 1: Grains

What is the Paleo/Primal Diet? Part 1: Grains

SO, this blog is all about the primal/paleo diet? Well, what exactly is it anyways? Do we just run around with a wooden club in leather Tarzan outfits climbing trees and killing wild squirrels and birds in our backyards? Maybe some people think of us like that, but I don’t even own a wooden club, […]

Primal Israeli Salad

Straight from the middle-east, the za’atar spice really puts this salad through the roof. If pepper took steroids, za’atar is what the result would be. This is a relatively easy salad to whip up if you’re in a really in a hurry (only 3 main ingredients!) Enjoy. Ingredients: 2 medium size cucumbers roughly chopped 2 […]



Challenge #1

Hello everyone in the blogosphere! My name is Josh Singer and yes, while sometimes we will just toss up some primal bullshit for you as Max mentioned, we’re just two pre-college kids making a blog and seeing what happens. At this point, the direction of this blog is unclear, but what we both agree on […]